Important issue

Дата размещения: 11:40 - 11.12.2020

Friends. Let's look at the accrual procedure for users who did not have time to earn money in the previous season. Many players still do not understand what to do with it, and how to make money on it? For example, your loss was 60 rubles. The game administration charges this loss to your balance for purchases. You purchase a new car for these charges. And what does our player do next? To replenish the balance of the project for 50 rubles... What follows from this? Yes, you will earn more than 60 rubles by the end of the season. But again, you will not have time to make a profit in the amount. Why? Because as soon as you earn the amount of your first loss (60 rubles), the system will give a signal and all bonus accruals accrued at the start of the season will be debited from your balance. And you start earning again from your investments. And here the probability that you will pay off is very small. For our part, we give you an excellent opportunity to successfully return your first negative investments and make a profit. This is the maximum we can do to help each of you. No project does such complex, painstaking and manual work. No more than 10% of players understand this. So what should I do? An exemplary example. The player did not have time to earn 80 rubles. In the new season, he received these 80 rubles for purchases and bought new cars. After that, the person makes an investment of 3000 rubles (approximately), recoups their loss in 2.5-3 days, the system takes back bonus accruals. But for the player, this does not threaten anything. He will definitely have time to make a profit by the end of the season. Of course, we will continue to charge players even for the sum of all past seasons. Of course, each of you will sooner or later come out in a plus. But why delay? Filled up, beat the negative, earned a profit. Especially with the victories in competitions, many people did not even notice this loss at all. Soon everyone will understand what they earn in the best game of the year. All the best and great profits!